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Group Bookings

Adult Groups
Homefield Rock Hostel welcomes groups but we will require a security deposit from all groups on arrivial, even if you have booked individually online.

Groups who book dorm beds online are not guaranteed to be in the same room even if you book all the beds.

Our advice for all groups is to contact us first - we will give you the best rates and the most suitable rooms and you can avail of all our discount activities, not to mention we can arrange meals, free passes to night clubs and gigs and much, much more.
Email : info@homefieldrockhostel.com  Phone: +353 (0) 719829357

Youth Groups
Youth clubs, schools sports teams can be catered for here or on our Donegal Adventure Centre campus. We offer packages ranging from room only to full board activity and supervision packages. Again to avail of the best rates please contact us.
Email : info@homefieldrockhostel.com  Phone: +353 (0) 719829357